Z’s new thing is corners. He likes corners. He was quiet this afternoon, this is how I found him. On my bed after pulling off the sheet, watching tales of friendship on my iPad, listening to blue ribbon bunny on his. Like is this kid for real?!
It’s my mams birthday today, so we went for a meal. Think we dealt with Z’s first meltdown. He was going really well watching Winnie the Pooh and drinking his fruit shoot. Just as food was being served he needed to get out. I think the music was turned up slightly, the lights dimmed, then a few minutes later lights off and music to celebrate some ones birthday came on. G had to take Z out, he brought him back in and my dad took him out. He did not want to be in there at all. But outside calm.
When we got home he was very quiet, he ate his pizza, and was very cwtchy, Z don’t normally cwtch, but he made sure he was squeezed In between me and the arm of the settee. As if it had totally wiped him out poor guy.
After a while he came too, he handed me the play doh, normally he don’t like it, I can take it out of the pots maybe make balls and he’ll put them back in the correct colour pots, today he was squeezing it. Holding it and trying to lick it. I was so pleased. Maybe not so much the wanting to eat it but the pulling it apart, letting it get on his hands, the whole holding it.
He didn’t have his full nap today, he didn’t want to sleep, until he fell asleep at 3.30, we were going at 4 so he had around 30 minutes sleep. I’ve just put him down, I’m hoping he won’t fight it for ages and will go to sleep. Think that’s when I watch orange is the new black, unless sleep takes over first!
Wow go me, a Saturday night, not even 8pm and I’m thinking of my bed…….

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