Yesterday we went to Dan Yr Ogof with the craft club I take Z to. 
I drove down as really didn’t know what Zwould be like on a busy bus with screaming children, or of it would be to much at the place either. 
We met them there, we held back enjoyed a coffee then went exploring. We seen lots of dinosaurs. 

He did seem to look at them. 
We only looked in two caves. Think unless you like caves once you’ve seen one with children you’ve kinda seen them all. Without children the stories would be interesting! 
I’m glad I can chuck Z on my back with the toddler carrier, makes life so much easier, and he likes it so it’s double win! 

He was loving trying to touch the water in the first cave. 
The second cave I let him walk in. He done really well, except this cave was full of water and pools! Quick turn around in that one! 

There were little villages to look at too. 
After a spot of lunch we went to look at the real animals! 

They didn’t bother him at all, we played at the little playground area before heading home. 
I think I would most probably take him again, he seemed to have fun! 

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