This last week I’ve been quite quiet. No, nothing has been wrong. Just been very busy! I look around and think busy doing what. But the days have been full. With Z going to Creche that little bit earlier and coming to work with me afterwards, time has flown! 
 Between speech therapy, normal morning activities and I’ve started the early bird autism course too. It’s nice to hear other parents chat about their child, and their quirky little ways. Think that’s where time have gone, this last week and last week have sort of mingled into one. Think maybe more so as I was working last weekend, well, I went to work, had to leave. Went to docs on the Monday, he’s certain that it is my gallbladder and that means surgery. I’m not actually thinking of all that! 
So here I am on a vodka Friday letting all you lovely readers know I am still here! Yea, without the vodka! Decided I wasn’t going to go knock on J’s door tonight,           ( I know she has no vodka!) as E turns two tomorrow. Her and Z will be the same age for three weeks, then I have a three year old. I can’t believe that. Next weekend is their party, I’m looking forward to it. A castle a big room and a few children running around and having fun. Or I hope they will be having fun. 
 Z is still doing well, his awareness is still growing. Lots of new sounds, not really any words. But he knows where his head and nose is, I’m sure he knows where all the body parts are but he won’t point! So to catch him out start singing heads, as in heads shoulders and sometimes he’ll put his hands to his head without thinking! 
He’s currently down with nan and grampa, hopefully fast asleep! I know after I’ve finished this I’ll be off to bed. A nice early full nights sleep. I’m getting so old…..! But it’s dark, winter is coming it means bed early. You can get away with it in the dark cold nights!!

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