Day 10, 10 days of near enough stuck indoors, or rather Z has been stuck indoors. We’ve been in pants from 7ish till 4.30 ish every day.
After day 4 I was ready to give up! (You can read about day 1-3 here ). But I’d spent 10 days in stuck in the house anyways so wasn’t going back. After day 4 and a day from hell we got a little better, and I mean day 4 was rough, he peed everywhere bar the toilet, from a jigsaw box, to the window, kitchen, get what I mean from day from hell now?! When his ABA therapist rung me on the Tuesday I said I had nearly given up, she went through the data and said he hadn’t done too bad, haha I think she was trying to be nice, and her only concern really was the amount he was peeing. Well she had told me to up his fluids! So from day 5 we had to find his normal pee pattern and a bigger motivator. So out came the iPad. Now every time Z pees on the toilet he gets 20 minutes of ipad time.
Day 6 I actually left him with respite while I headed to the dentist, he made the bathroom ( ok were struggling to get him to make his way on to the toilet!) he actually got his little butt out of the dogs bed, running to the bathroom was a huge improvement and I accepted it as a win. ABA therapist rang and agreed, even if a tiny bit of wee went down the toilet he got his iPad. he quickly got the hang of it.
Day 7 we were winning at toilet training.
Day 8 an was our first time out. We headed to a mates, minus a nappy, he was happy to sit on her toilet even though I forgot his toilet seat. He had an accident as soon as we got there but stayed dry the rest of the time. He headed to nans where he actually peed on her toilet! Ok more so everywhere else but he was sitting on the toilet, not only once but 3 times.

Day 9 and daddy was home, I think we went a little backwards yesterday as when Z was running into the bathroom and started to pee daddy would shout and Z would stop peeing, that meant he was running more to the bathroom and a few more accidents in there. But with dad being in work last week and only me covering the toilet training I’m not surprised Z was a little confused! I did take him to his drum lesson yesterday where he did have an accident but with that only being his second outing I’m assuming that he has to learn that he can’t just pee any time he wants when out so in the grand scheme of things I’m not too worried about that, we will have accidents I’m prepared for those when out!
So today we head into day 10.
We have to go out today, I could wait until 4.30 when he’s in a nappy or we could risk a walk minus the nappy and hope he does ok?!

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