Thirteen, thirsteen days of toilet training Z. There’s days I think yes we’ve got this, then there’s days like today I want to say, forget it, pull ups come delivered! 
Yesterday was his first day to try the toilet in school, so in he went with five spare pair of pants and bottoms, I forgot socks! He came home having used three. Three accidents I was ok with that after the night before and three accidents in an hour. Last night we done ok, 4-7.30 great. He even poohed on the toilet, then finished the last bit on the floor and stood in it. Yuck. 
Today. Day thirteen, they say thirteen is unlucky right ? Four accidents in school, so one more than yesterday. I don’t think school actually believe me when I’m saying he’s going dry for longer at home. 
Home at four, small little wee to start, then nothing. He did go into the bathroom to pooh, got him on the toilet to finish so I think he knows what he’s doing, knows where to go, maybe pushing limits as to where he can get away with it in the bathroom? From 4-8 one wee on the toilet, one. We’ve had one small one on the carpet and he quickly stopped when I shouted wee on the toilet. 
The last four hours he’s taken all my energy, all my patience and what ever else he can take from me! It’s one of those nights, I can sense it. 
Bed time just isn’t happening, he’s gone past the point of being tired, to pulling mattresses off the bed, and jumping on the wooden slats. He’s wound. Way to wound dangerously wound. I hate him this wound I always worry for his safety. 
Maybe it’s the Christmas lights! Do the Christmas lights have that much of a reaction, I’m blaming the Christmas lights and not my actual parenting today! 

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