Yup, Z has a bug, well I’m guessing it’s a bug, when it’s all sorted I want him tested for whatever they can test him for, including a wheat intolerance. I’m going with I can’t tolerate it and been told many times keep off it and on a gluten free diet. Now if this was the case for Z I’m going to struggle. There’s only certain things he’ll eat anyway, so I’m hoping he’s fine and he’s just one unlucky kid that gets a bug and instead of it lasting 12-48 hours his last days! 
I’m sure if it was the case we’ll get over it, well hopefully we will! Swapping little things over like crackers, breadsticks and bread to start. 
As he’s not been anywhere since Saturday, he did go stay with nan today for me to do the early it’s course. He’s now in bed fast asleep, I’m catching up on zoo, thinking by 9.45 I’ll be sleeping too. It’s hard work changing dirty bums all day! Never mind half term next week, can’t wait! Plus out on Saturday with the girls. That’s if Z is all better. 

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