It’s not often in February half term you have beach weather, but to be fair we’ve been on the beach in the cold before.

With our trusted sidekicks J and E we meet up with T and gang and head to Trecco bay for the day.

First stop the beach, wellies and a jacket, when Z goes in the sea it’s safer to take off the jacket!

When he’s had enough of the sea it’s time to build with rocks, I build a tower Z lines them up!

We headed to the park where we had our dinner but it was really busy! Far too busy for Z, he doesn’t understand that scooter that’s been left isn’t for him to push along. So we head to soft play instead. For the first time ever Z took off his socks, I left them! I wasn’t hunting there!

I love living so close to the beach, to have friends who will join us on little adventures!

Here’s to the next holidays and see where we’ll end up!

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