Oh yikes ! 
No in all fairness last night Z didn’t sleep, he was up at 7.15 as normal so start as I mean to go on he was stripped and placed on the toilet. Think he was more shocked that it was happening again! 
From 7.30 -10 he done ok, we managed to catch his morning poo on the toilet again! Yea go me! Then I left to go shopping and disaster struck. Z didn’t like dad putting him on the toilet. When I got back at 12 not sure who was more stressed. I brought a few Christmas presents upstairs, Z dad and the toilet do not go together at all. Z refused to sit on the toilet then would get up and pee on the floor, which in turn made for a very angry ( tired) dad worse, all I could hear was this isn’t fair why do you pee on the toilet go your mother and not me, with no poo on the toilet not the floor, oh look I’ve stood in it, no come back I don’t want it around the house.
So trying not to laugh, even though I was angry and tired I went downstairs, put a pull up on Z shouts at the husband ‘coz obviously when things go wrong it’s his fault! Then came back upstairs to calm down and finish what I was doing. 
We started again at 3, and he did pee on the toilet for me a few times, by 6 I’d given up and bathed him for bed. But at 9.30 he’s still awake, my eyes are stinging but he’s jumping and bouncing, and eh eh eh over and over again. Eh is fast becoming the most annoying sound ever! 
Is it wrong that when I hand him over tomorrow at 8.55 for school I may send him with a bunch of balloons a welcome back gift! Good luck miss, you may need more than aba training on your side tomorrow, I can send a box of kinder eggs and some lollies. Twisters work well too! 
Then skip off for my birthday breakfast! 

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