Monday, normally would be schools, portage, Creche and home. Today was so different. As it’s the school holidays, there was no school run, I didn’t wake Z for work, he woke himself at 8.15. It was messy sensory play first thing, he only has to turn left at that roundabout know he’s not going to Creche and gets excited. When he sees the hospital his little hands don’t stop flapping and the sounds he makes are quite cute! 
Tried him today with orange jelly, he’s now eating ‘red’ at home, strawberry , raspberry and black currant. Orange would be a test, alongside chocolate angel delight. We tried banana last week he wasn’t fussed on the feel, but it was cold and he don’t do cold things. He ate the jelly. Today, waiting were the cars and orange jelly. He was ok, he put the cars in the angel delight after the one car was put in. He didn’t like it on his hands. He kept looking at the jelly, he sort of knew it was jelly but he couldn’t grasp the difference in Colour. I managed to get his hand in it, after he had a huge meltdown because the cars were in the chocolate. He looked like he was struggling, needed the tickling to calm him down. When he came around he was fine. Cars lined up a run and a taste of jelly. If I catch him and one, two, three him, some jelly hits his lips he licks lips and eventually new food! Took him around 30 minutes to be comfortable with taking the jelly and eating it himself, but he done it, and I couldn’t be more proud of him for trying. I knew that one change of colour on top of the no schools was hard, but he done it. 
Next up was doctors, I know! I thought he’d had a bit of a reaction to maybe the jelly last week after finding out was same jelly, was time to check out what they were. I thought maybe chicken pox, doc says nah coz he’s not got temperature, she’s going with viral, surprise! Antihistamines and lots of cream. I checked if he had to stay in and she said it’s not contagious, and he was allowed to go and see Santa on the train tomorrow. Yes now I’m starting to think why on earth I agreed to this in the first place!
We got through day one. Santa tomorrow, drum lesson Wednesday and then Christmas Eve. Oh my, Christmas Eve already! 

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