After Z got sent home yesterday, I was going to pop out and get a few things today, there really isn’t anything wrong with him. Instead we started toilet training in the hope it is a success and the mix up won’t happen again. We have four days to get it! 
I started with sitting him on the toilet and giving him a beaker of juice along with his iPad. Thirty minutes later another beaker of juice. Over an hour later he finally had a teeny tiny wee, I made a huge fuss and gave him a kinder egg. Two minutes later he peed on the floor, I raced him to bathroom pee going everywhere, he was more shocked I think! 
Off the toilet we got, I cleaned up and put some pants on him, he pulled them down and peed, so back on the toilet. Cleaning pee up for the third of fourth time I did think of putting his pull up back on and leaving him, but, no I put a few towels on the floor and a blanket on my living room floor I was being prepared. He was going every ten minutes or so, so we moved to the toilet before we had the peeing on the floor! 
By 11.15 we were peeing on the toilet every ten to fifteen minutes, each time getting a kinder egg. He don’t eat the kinder eggs he squishes them! 
After dinner he had a nap, now I was starting from scratch again. But as soon as he woke up I took him into the bathroom and caught him peeing in the pull up, I had my start time again, 2.15. We made it through the day, managed to get it to every 40 minutes dry, and each time being placed on the toilet he would pee. I’m actually really pleased with how his day have gone. Here’s to tomorrow. As soon as he wakes it’ll be on the toilet and clean pull up and go from there. 
I may run out of kinder eggs and clean bathmats but we’ll do it. 

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