We were doing pretty good this morning, I left Z at nans to head to the school.
I put him on the toilet he didn’t do anything, after five minutes started to cry, he had peed in his pull up. 
He had one accident in nans before I collected him at 12. Pull up back on and he used that instead of the toilet!  
From 12-2.45 we were dry, in pants dry. We went to collect dad from work and even braved the car in pants, dry. He refused to pee for dad and peed over the the bathroom floor at 3, then again at 4. When I got in at 4.30 he did use the toilet for me. He got a lolly, I think the squishing of kinder eggs may have lost their appeal! 
We went to 6 before we put a new pull up back on. So not the best day. Tomorrow’s another day, may prove a little difficult as we’re heading to hamleys to meet the big man himself! As we’re down Cardiff anyway it’ll be a quick trip to collect his mattress from ikea and home. But Sunday is another day and hopefully with the schools help on Monday we’ll crack it next week! We need to crack it next week, he’s more aware now that he’s peeing and he needs to do it on the toilet.

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