Z didn’t wake until around. 8.30 today so he had a huge lay in, J and E were coming to IKEA with us, I was taking the bus so I could fit stuff in! 
I needed a new table, I suppose I could have kept his for the next few weeks, as that’s all portage is coming for, but he does use it to line things up, paint, do puzzles and I put his food on it. Not that he sits and eats at it all the time, so was just easier to go get one. At least he’ll get some portage use out of it! 
In all fairness him and E were good going around there. Half way through he had soaked right through his clothes, it’s ok I have spares. The only problem now is he’s too heavy for the changing units. So trying to strip him and put a new nappy on him is hard work. We stopped for some chips and a coffee or two, and was time to go pay. Again Z had soaked right though, this time was because the nappy wasn’t on correctly, I had no more clothes, so he had to come out in wet trousers, we had promised them a play at the park too. Was a quick 5 minutes play, then back to the bus! So as he was just in a nappy and Tshirt, I stopped at asda to grab a pair of trousers, always in retail parks there’s that big golden M, Z said Donald, I nearly crashed, and J said oh my god he just said McDonald’s, well Donald. So it wasn’t just me who had heard that! A few times since getting him home as I was telling G what he said he said it again, but wouldn’t say it again, then he was playing, out of no where I said Z Donald and he copied,  went ever so shy and hid! Won’t say it again. 
What a good day! I had a new table, Z had a rocking chair, and we had a new word! The Only problem now is he fell asleep at 3, so is still wide awake refusing to go to sleep. Long night maybe? 

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