Today was Easter Sunday, can’t really do an Easter egg hunt, Z wouldn’t grasp what was expected. So he had his little Easter basket, his toot toot chicken coop and to him it was just another day. Didn’t take him to church this morning as we went last night. Yes, to the Ester vigil, and, I have to say how pleased I was with Z, as for two hours he was so well behaved. He had a malteaser bunny leaving off Father, and carried it to the car, home and to bed! Took it off him when he was asleep put it on the shelf, this morning, mam, mam, mam goes in and he already has his bunny!

 So after visiting both Nan’s we ended up going for a spot of lunch, as always the castle hotel never lets us down! Home to clean the sand and water tray out, ready for our week off. 

A quick stop off at J and E for a coffee and some sofa cushion diving from Z! 

We finished the day off celebrating my Nan’s 75th birthday, the whole family together! 

To think, this time four or five years ago I’d most probably be out drinking a few pints, now I’m laying in bed with my free from egg that J got me. ( no mate has ever bought me an egg before!) How times have changed. For me they have changed for the better, I’d never trade Z for my old life. I’m happier with my new life, my new friends and less alcohol! At least I know if I want to go any where tomorrow I can, not that we will as every where is always packed.

                                                                        Happy Easter ! 

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