Tomorrow is the last day before Easter holidays start.
Today was the Easter bonnets parade.
When I went in Z was happily sitting with the teacher smiling, not a care in the world. Wasn’t too bothered about me being there, comfortable enough, safe enough with his teachers.
We walked with our bonnets, of course Z didn’t wear his! Before we headed to do crafts, Z was again with the teachers three out of five of them, to see him laugh, smile, look them in the eyes, and copy them, saying names, it was lush to see.
Yes I see it with me, that look of yes of course I love you, that wicked toothless grin he gives, and it hit home that in a few weeks ( yes I know months, but months are going so quickly!!) he’s going to change classes, he’s going to go to new teachers. What a huge improvement he’s made when this time last year I was asking was he going full time after Easter to be told, no, he’s not ready he’s not built any rapport with the teachers, he’s still very much to himself. Today a year on that’s not true. You can clearly see he loves them all, if it’s not his teacher walking him into school when he sees one of his he greets them with a huge grin and a hug.
He knew what children were in his class, he would run by and have a little look at to what they are doing. He was happy to let another little guy turn over the tv, if I done that when he was watching he wouldn’t be impressed! That’s huge progress, yes it’s parallel play, but he taking notice which this time last year he didn’t.
I know come July I’m going to be just as sad as he is leaving his teachers maybe even his classmates, that means finding the parents and starting over again, just as us parents are forming  friendships we could be chucked in the beginning again! Each September could be the same, new teachers, new children new friendships to be formed.
So for the last few weeks, I’ll keep chatting to the parents maybe have a few sneaky vodkas one evening and keep up the hard work of annoying the teachers after school!

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