Happy Easter! 
I can’t believe we’re already at Easter, it feels like yesterday it was Christmas. 
I’ve been looking forward to Easter since Christmas, for the way Z loves eggs! All family were warned not to get big eggs, he don’t eat them and it’s just a waste of money, I’d rather people if they want to get something get him a kinder egg, or those little plastic suprise ones, I’m lucky my family are good and listened! 
I placed a few plastic eggs leading from the stairs to the living room and dotted them about. He was excited to see a line of eggs! We came in to the living room and the first thing he spotted were the 6 pack of kinder eggs, oh his little face lit up. Then he saw the peppa pig suprise egg, then the next one, so he opened the both. He had fun opening his plastic eggs, and his kinder egg. 
He found his iPad and sat with his toast. 
We popped down to nans to get his eggs from there, again first thing he saw was the kinder egg! 
He’s had a good morning, he’s gone back and forth to his eggs, but still think it maybe all too overwhelming for him, I do know that he’ll go back to them later. They’ll stay out and he can choose when he wants to unwrap things. 
As for me, I’m off out for a few drinks for a mate of a mates birthday, yes I’m gate crashing some randoms birthday! Even though I have a sore throat, head ache and feel a bit blugh, hopefully the vodka will sort it all out! 

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