I’m so late to this blogging game lately! 
Tomorrow is the last day of the Easter holidays. We’ve had a busy week, we’ve gone to puxton park, Margarm park, Barry sidings and Caerphilly mountain ranch. 
Easter weekend my sister her partner and my niece were down, we headed to Barry. We had a lovely day out, was nice to spend the day with my niece too as living so far away we don’t get to see her often. 
We walked on up to the beach huts, had a look at the climbing wall and Z wanted to go in the sea. Of course I had left his wellies in the car, husband being boring saying he won’t need them. Rookie mistake matey! He always needs wellies!!

We ate some chips overlooking the sea, bought a furry ball and had a go at the amusements and went on the little rides. I think Z had fun! 

On Sunday we went to my parents for dinner, where Z tried to give M a big hug. He has said M’s name a few times but everytime I try to record him he won’t say it! 
He took notice of her, she followed him about, he shared his letters and numbers but wouldn’t give up his iPad. She shared her toys and was even giving him some wet wipes! 

I have to get up and visit in the summer holidays when we have a little more time to get used to the change of routine, enough to get used to it coming home too. 

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