Pinning Z down at the hospital doesn’t become any easier, I’ve just learnt to hold him with his back to me so I don’t see the fear in his eyes and just hear his scream and cries. 
Yesterday we had another go at the ecg and getting bloods for genetic testing. 

Watching the birds on the roof!

He was quite happy to go into the hospital, into the waiting room, and the ward. The staff were great and gave him his own cubicle. Obs were done he was weighed and his height measured, he really done quite well. Next up was the medicine to make him go to sleep. It should take around twenty minutes the nurse said after we had forced it down him. Don’t think the poor nurse was expecting him to be strong and put up so much of a fight! But three of us managed it. This was around 9.45, 10.30 he was wound, he was climbing the bed trying to bounce on it, trying to climb over my head. The medicine must have had some effect on him as he did seem a little wobbly on his feet. Trying to get him to stay on the bed was a mission in itself. 
At around 11 I thought he’s going, got quite excited but he continued to fight it.
At this point because he was tired plus he had been up since around 5 I said I would go get his buggy and try pushing him around. The staff went to get us a buggy save me going to the car. I think the wards should have one disability buggy as he was quite confined in a normal buggy! 

But it worked! By 11.20 he was sleeping, an hour and half later! 
The ecg was done, next was bloods. In all fairness the staff were great, they came to him not to make him any more distressed and risk waking him up. 
Bloods. Doctor and a nurse,you will need extra people! He woke, in the end there were three nurses the doctor and my self holding him. They weren’t even going to risk attempting to get blood from his hand as he really is that strong! Managed to get it it from the one foot until he pulled and it was out, next foot he screamed and cried, but we had managed it. As soon as his socks were back on he was fine. 
Now it’s just waiting for all the results and praying that everything is ok. I’m sure it will be and it’s just to get more bloods from a child who’s been diagnosed with autism into the database. 

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