Carrying on from the #send30daychallenge that’s taking me weeks not days! So day 19.
At first I thought of this one long and hard. I was thinking mainstream with a one to one.
I will admit I’m most probably the teachers worst nightmare parent as I won’t sit back and accept it if I think that it’s not working for Z. He’s my child, I worked hard to get him, and I am his voice.
As much as the idea of mainstream sounded good, give him a go, see how he gets on, he’ll have a one to one he’ll be ok. It was tempting at three years of age, would his differences really stand out? Ok nappies, the inability to listen, to follow basic commands and the need to run. Maybe they would! He’d get away with things because he could, he’d be classed as the naught kid, the one that didn’t listen, the one that couldn’t talk, the baby in nappies. No that wasn’t happening to my son.
Being in a unit and mixed into mainstream I didn’t think was going to work either, so I started the statement of education and Sen school process.
Looking back, of course I was nervous I was terrified. I was sending my baby into a class of people I didn’t know, of children I didn’t know. At least mainstream I knew a few of the children, if anything was happening to Z they’d let me know right? Sen school they would be like Z they wouldn’t have the ability to let me know how his day went same as he couldn’t.
We have our home link book, I think a lot of Sen schools do, my mates who’s children are in mainstream think it’s great. It gets ticked each day as to what he’s done in school, any problems it’s written down and if I have any problems there’s s space for me to write too then the teacher will get back to me. I get to know what Z’s done every day, what he doesn’t eat gets left in his lunchbox so I can see exactly what he’s eaten or not eaten! There’s no asking him what did you do in school and a reply ‘duno’! I can say oh you’ve done x y and z today in school.
Being a smaller class size the teachers really get to know the children, their likes and what sets them off. They work hard everyday. I know they work hard as I know how hard I work! Z Is hard work imagine ten of him in a class, I’d be grey!
They are still preschool / nursery / reception age, still into everything stage, not being able to leave them alone for one minute or they’ll wreck the room! I know Z I can imagine the class those poor staff, if they are all like Z as fast as one is cleaning a kid would be pulling something else out! Crèche work helped me understand how hard that is!
Z’s eduction is met to his needs, he has the iep’s he has to work at what is written in that.
He’s met each target he’s been set so far which I think means he’s being taught something.
He goes into school smiling he comes out smiling, covered in paint and glue and mud, which means he’s played in the yard, he’s painted and he’s glued he’s had fun. He’s been kept safe, he’s been looked after for me to recharge my batteries before I get him back!
I’m lucky that there’s people out there who want to work in Sen schools, if there wasn’t he would be at mainstream and I think struggling. He would be struggling with the noise, the businesses of the school day, he wouldn’t be going swimming or to the park. He would be classed as the naughty kid who don’t listen, or the baby because he don’t speak and is in nappies.
Sen school isn’t for everyone I get that, but for Z education it’s the best choice as a parent I made.

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