Following on from five days ago, my ‘made today’ day post, today marks four years for embryo transfer. 
I was terrified, my sister took us down to the hospital, we went met with the team. I had possibly six embryos, two were top grade, one was good and the other three were being given one extra day to see if they hit blastocyst stage. 
They advised me to only transfer one of the top grade embryos, freeze the two and wait until the day after to maybe freeze the others. 
So off we went to transfer the one embryo. All I could think of what if it don’t stick, what if I pee it out. 
Our first picture of Z was this one. He’s 5 days old, blastocyst stage.  
This photo was shown to everyone! They must have thought I was crazy. 
So transfer went, they made me get up as soon as, maybe because I really needed a wee! It was so strange watching it all happen on screen, it was like a little flash of lightening, then it’s done. 
Those two weeks of waiting to see if it had stuck were torture, had to do things as if you were pregnant but scared that you wasn’t. 
I’m just lucky Z stuck, and from the first scan 3 weeks later, when all you could see was a dot, if he was a boy he was named Z. 
Now I have an amazing 3 year old sitting next to me after taking my iPad off me, to watch minions, I would go through it all again tomorrow. 
Everything have taught me to be thankful for what I’ve got, yes, I whinge when I don’t get sleep, but I’m all good when I get a full night! It’s also taught me don’t give up, and you always get what you want! 

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