Last week I went to parents evening, Z’s made lots of progress in all aspects of the curriculum and his speech is coming on great, the odd word to even calling the teacher a cow. It’s amazing how far he has come on in a year. How much more confidence he has since he started, it really is his second home. 
We now have two weeks left, we meet the new teacher next week, at least a new one we have no expectations as a parent, I don’t know the person, I think I have a right to be nervous and want to keep our old teacher! Having a new teacher was a bit of a blow, but didn’t know who the lsa’s were. Today I found out it won’t be the one who’s taken Z in every day since he started and brought him to the bus every afternoon. I am gutted, she was the first name I heard Z say, he was saying it in the house long before school! I just hope the new one will take fowl tasting sweets! 
I can’t believe he has just over a weeks worth of school left if you take out school fete and school trip. His first year at school finished, over, complete. 
What are we going to do in the six weeks? 
I’m sure I’m worried more than Z is, it’s one of those things you really want to know but if you’re not happy you wish you didn’t find out! I know he’ll be fine, there’s two staying to look after him, I’ll be in the same position next year saying no don’t take her she’s been with him from the start! I suppose these things have to happen, ideally in an unrealistic world he’d start school and keep that teacher like a form teacher in mainstream, until one of them leaves! It’s us parents that hate the change! 

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