Wow it only felt like yesterday I was writing this and we’ve already done 16 weeks in this class.

So far this term I’ve seen a real improvement in Z’s speech, he’s really trying hard. Let’s hope he’ll get some speech therapy when he’s assessed in January!

As with any new routine I’ll always worry, I’ll worry next year when he leaves this teacher behind and goes onto a new teacher, he adapts way better than I do! I’m always scared there’ll be some sort of regression. New staff to get to know his little ways.

Every day he comes home smelling of perfume, his dad says you don’t do any work you just hug the teacher all day. As I’ve said in previous posts I could be jealous of this, but I know he’s being looked after and he’s building a lovely friendship, when I collected him for a recent dentist appointment he was talking his teacher with him, the way he looks at her I can see he trusts her, a friendship with a teacher surely is the start of helping to build a friendship with his peers.

This year was his third Christmas concert, to see the progress this year compared to the last two were crazy, there was one point he actually joined in.

Everyday he has happy going into school and is near enough always smiling coming out.

The last few weeks I know Z has learnt to do lots, he can write his name, he can put on his own socks, and he even asked his friend was she happy.

We’ve come a long way since this time last year!

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