Today I decided not to send Z back to school. I thought about it all day for the last week. For now he’s happy and I don’t want that to change.

Last day of official school!

There will be no sports day, no school fete, no parents evening and no meet the new teacher, the end of term things we look forward to. Maybe more so the meet the new teacher.

I know come September Z will move from his current class, that’s all I know, I don’t know the teacher or what other children he’ll be with. Maybe we’ll know before September I’m not sure.

This school year hasn’t been the best. In one way I’m quite sad to not have really met his teacher. I’m sure if she was there in September things would have been different, as she was not disliked. I’m thankful for the time he had with his old teacher and I just hope his new teacher will get him. I’m hoping there’ll be no behaviours, I know they are his way of communicating, but behaviour is all that’s seen.

I maybe that challenging parent at the moment, but, I’ll always fight for what I think are in Z’s best interests. Some may say I’ve gotten my way, others say they are proud of me for not giving up. That’s something that means more to me than getting my own way.

I’ll never give up. That’s something I won’t do when it concerns Z.

So for now that’s it. I say schools over! It’s been 100 days since Z was last at school.

100 days of attempting to homeschool him, whilst being confined to four walls and a garden, minus a hot tub, the pool came half way through.

We’ve gone through 100 days of tears, not all Z’s I’ll admit, 100 days of trying to do some work, 100 days of trying to entertain a 7 year old who’s life has been turned upside down and he has no idea why. 100 days of trying my best, and always wondering is it good enough.

But I have done100 days of watching Z progress in ways I never imagined he would in lockdown.

So today on day 100 of lockdown that’s it. We’re starting our school holidays early.

We will have three weeks extra for fun. More pool days, roasting marshmallows, evening beach trips and extra walks.

I will look forward to September, to meet the class teacher, to hopefully see Z progress through next year of school like he has since the day he started.

A new school year, a fresh start with lockdown just happy memories of 2020.

Last day of lockdown school!

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