This time last week I was lucky enough to attend escape reality with my family, my mother, uncle and auntie. 
I chose Alcatraz. One of the hardest rooms there. 
I had to put my family’s escaping skills to the test! 
We arrived it took us a while to find the place, we waked past it. When in, we were greeted and taken to the room. The lady went through everything with us, the rules and safety side of it. 
I’m not giving anything away, that’s why there are no photos! 
I’ll just say that we were spilt in the dark! This took us around 50 minutes to get out. With help. We still had lots to do to escape Alcatraz. As we were early we were given a little extra time, I have read that if there’s no one booked in after you the staff are kind enough to give you extra time to see if you can escape, we could have been given the whole night and I think we would still be there! Next time we’ll try an easier one. 
We all really enjoyed ourselves, and are booking to go back. We fancy the look of misery next. 
It was different to what I was expecting, or maybe I don’t know what I was expecting. It’s one of those places that even if we had completed it we would have to go back to try and beat our personal best. I can see it could become quite addicting. 
As I was lucky to be invited, and thank you for having us, I think the prices are very reasonable if you think you can Escape reality I really would recommend it. There’s a good discount for booking online for a group of you too. 
I could see this as fun with a group of friends too, think friends wouldn’t argue as much as family, not that mine argued that much, they were on their best behaviour ! 
It would be nice to go for something to eat, then test out our escaping skills and having a celebratory drink in the bar afterwards, yes we will escape next time. Ideal for a cold wet winters night. I know I’ve mentioned it to a few people and some have already booked. It’s something different to do and I’m looking forward to my next attempt! 
So from all four of us thank you for letting us come and try to escape Alcatraz, we had a great time and a week later we’re still talking about it!  

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