With us already being at the end of week two of the six weeks holiday, we had said we were taking Z to Folly Farm this week. I have work the next two weeks and G the two weeks after that. So even though we went last week with playgroup it was time to go back as a family.
 First stop whilst there was the goat as that and the penguin were Z’s favourites last week. Yup still his fave! His little face lighting up with the goat as if to say ah wow your still here! Priceless, as for the Penguins he wanted to see them even if it meant getting as close to a random as he could! 
G enjoyed the giraffes! I’m sure this guy kept staring right at him! 
Z had a sleep, G and I walked around and looked at the animals, went and had a coffee, he stuffed his little fat face, had an ice cream and then Z decided to wake! As he’s not to bothered with the animals anyway we let him play in the park. He couldn’t do this last week as it was too wet, so he stayed and ran and climbed for ages.
When we got home our ball pit had arrived for Z’s sensory room, I’m quite excited that it’s starting to come together. At first I was a bit disappointed the size on it, but it means I can keep his car in there and not have to worry about where it goes! Z loved it, and for the quick ten minutes before bed that he was allowed in it he laughed and giggled. So if he’s happy I’m happy.
Used his old floor tiles to get an idea of how it would look, it looked ok so went ahead and ordered some more. It will be done for his birthday! As I add extra bits and it takes more shape I’ll keep adding pictures. 
 Well as its been such a busy day after a late night last night, I’m off to bed, ready for a day at Margam park with the play group girls! Actually looking forward to it. Lots of walking and more animals, parks to play in and trees to climb! How exciting. 💜

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