Last night was a first for us.

Z and I cwtched up and watched a film, I was watching Netflix on the iPad and he came looked at me and said ‘curious George’, ok it may have been curious George but to be fair I’m not actually one for watching films either!

It was more the shall we say normal side of it. The interacting side. Z joining in, saying parts of the film before I knew what was coming. I didn’t think he had actually seen the film all the way through! He laughed at ‘funny’ parts, the ones with the science side of it he found really funny, he looked sad when George was being given away and relived when he was collected again. He copied actions of yawning and pointed to things on the screen saying what they were or colours.

He cried when the film was finished.

Maybe I’ll have to attempted a movie Saturday next weekend too!

That little monkey George will always have a little place in my heart now! Let’s head off to amazon to try and find a curious George.

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