Last week my sister and niece came down for the week. I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as would have liked. Between the weather being rubbish, Z attaching his cousin M who’s much smaller than him I didn’t want her to feel frightened of him, or even ruin her enjoyment of being on holidays!

I picked them up and with my mother we headed to Wiggleys. Lots of people have said how good it is here and being less than an hour away was first choice to try. Animals and a park. Indoor and outdoor.

When we arrived it was a little noisy inside, you enter right by the food station and the indoor play. Z was getting a little anxious but we coped. Got some animal feed and off we went.

There’s not a lot of animals, you have your basic sheep, horse, donkeys and goats. All the animals come to you for food! Z wasn’t impressed with the feeding! He wasn’t too impressed with the animals I’m not going to lie! He did touch a sheep. With me forcing his hand!

The playground there was lovely, lots of open space suitable for little ones and big ones. Both Z and M had fun. Z climbing and running across the bridge trying the assault course. M playing in the houses and down the slide.

The open space is good, well maybe not so much for Z as he could run. Most of its fenced off but there is a woodland walk so was scared if he did run off what would be in there! We did go for a look and it was just a walk!

We didn’t spend too long here with M being a bit younger and Z being Z two hours was enough. I think if you had a few children who would just play you could just take a picnic and sit and watch them play!

It was nice spending time with my mother, sister and niece. At least the weather held off and it was dry.

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