It’s not often we do things as a family, G prefers being at home, not spending money, as he says I spend enough for the both of us! As it’s bank holiday we were going to take Z down to Folly Farm for the day, then the weather man said it was going to rain all weekend we decided not to bother! We’ll go down to Cardiff, have some dinner may go to the bay, and just do something all three of us. On way down to Cardiff I was starving so thinking Z would sleep we stopped off at Toby carvery. I’ve never been here before, and I wasn’t overly impressed. The food was nice enough but think the castle does a nicer diner! Z didn’t sleep and didn’t eat anything other than a pack of raisins I had in my bag!
So, we gets to Cardiff, first stop has to be Disney store. I’ve never seen a shop so busy, the queues when we were leaving were to the door! I had Z the Winnie the Pooh tsum tsum, he likes to try and stack them!
Of course I couldn’t leave stitch there, he’s mine!!image We ended up getting him the toot toot sheep, and he carried that all the way around Cardiff along with his chicken weeble, even when he fell asleep he still had a hold of them!
A few shops later, and after it started raining was time to head back home.
G is off out to watch the big fight tonight, so he headed off to bed, it was just Z and I watching Henry cwtched up on the settee. He’s just gone up to bed, I’m going to put his toys away, and I may even go to bed myself. Wow, I lead a fun Saturday evening life! But I wouldn’t change it ever. It was a good day, and if I can’t take Z into the city and spoil him, what’s the point in having a child?!

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