One of my things I wanted to do with Z was take him on a boat.
Now I didn’t know A) How he would be, B) If he hated it what would I do and C) If he had a meltdown 45 minutes in would he survive the 45 minutes back?!
What better way to try him than in a place no one knew us and we’d possibly never go back. Yes take the whimps way out.
We booked with Billy Shiel’s Boat Trips, double checked a kid with autism was fine and off we went.
We had a little picnic before heading on to the boat, that’s two picnics in a month we’re doing good, again Z was doing well, he ate had a run about with M, they chased one another all the time laughing, and came back when called!

Z didn’t really do the wait to get on the boat very well, but there were a lot of people all queuing for different boats, kids crying, and vehicles trying to pass. But we done it and got on it.
He was so excited!

We set off and we started to stop, there was a dinghy floating in the sea, this was kinda scary, realisation of how dangerous this was set in and I didn’t remove Z’s adventure belt at all!
Now for us we watched for the puffins, the seals, took photos of the islands and lighthouses, took in the scenery.

Puffins, views and a lighthouse

Z took in the movement of the boat, the wind blowing his hair and his hands, the splashing of the waves and taking most of this in from an entirely different view.

I see you sea

Now when kids lay on the floor they are told to get up. Why?!
He had the feeling of the boat moving across his body, his hands were posted out of the bottom of the door, so he was getting the splash of waves hitting his hands, he could see the water a different way too us. He laughed, he giggled and he had a lovely time. I could have made him sit on a seat and ‘enjoy’ it the way we’re expected to. But it was his holiday too and if he was enjoying it by laying on the floor why would I stop that?!
He still did try and look over the edge too but I had him gripped! He was much safer looking through the gap in the floor !

Now we’ve attempted it once I’d definitely take him again on another boat ride!

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