So January came in quick and I think left quicker than it came!
I attempted veganuary and of course my less plastic.
As for veganuary I didn’t do too bad, I didn’t go complete vegan as eggs are part of my poor diet other than that one small piece of chicken in lemon sauce whilst out having lunch that was me done. No McDonald’s, no bacon or sausage when I’ve been out for breakfast.
Will I keep at it? I quite liked the veggie food, my only problem is most of it contains wheat, so it’s hard going but I have eaten lots more veggies!
Less plastic
I haven’t bought a plastic bottle ( can we not count the four that came with Z’s happy meals please as everything they offer is plastic and I’ve not yet bought my keepy cup!) when shopping I’ve bought squash in glass bottles, more j2o than plastic bottles of pop, or cans that’s are either loose or the big packs in cardboard, no plastic. I’ve been out and not used a straw, I did go to J’s for a few drinks and I did have a straw left my paper ones at home but I used the same one all night, whilst feeling guilty!
I’ve not bought one single use plastic bag. I said no to bags when offered for my loose veg, I was annoyed at one point when unpacking I realised the lady had put something in a plastic bag maybe something silly like flour that was in a paper bag to start with. I’ve not sent in a single plastic bag with Z’s pack lunch as I ordered him a reusable wrap, I’m now waiting on my reusable bags for his lunch. Ok I did wrap some up in kitchen towel but I’m noticing I’m making more of an effort to not just use it, that’s what my reusable kitchen towel is for. There for the one I have here is lasting a while same as toilet paper. If we’re low we don’t seem to use as much so it’s one roll out at a time! I’ve made a few changes like bicarbonate of soda to clean and vinegar. Small changes to get the pooch off dried dog food in non recycled packets to either tinned food and more left over foods. ( he’s loving the change! Wonder what the vet will think 😬) even simple things like I’ve not bought my Yorkshire puddings but attempted to make them, along with attempting to make granola bars.
I know I still have a way to go, next up is when my razor needs changing to get a safety one, I’m still looking at getting Z reusable nappies / pull ups for the home. Of course my keepy cup.
It’s all been really good for my black bin and it’s only going out every two weeks with one full black bag and excess nappies now if I can get bigger reusable ones that’ll go down again in the end I’ll have zero waste which is my aim. Eventually!
I also need to start getting fresh fruit and veg from the market or local greengrocer. They are my February challenges.

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