After chatting to strangers online for the past six months, today was the day I got to meet some of them. Kerry from very kindly organised a Christmas  meet up. We all met at chapter in Cardiff, coffee was on tap, and then in comes a lovely buffet. I’m guessing it was nice, not being allowed to eat the bread I stuck to an apple and some crisps!! 
We were greeted with a lovely set of gift bags. 
We all got to chat to the face behind the screen, it was lovely! I was really nervous about going. As my blog is so new, me doing reviews an that I was so scared, but, I’m going to sit down later and have a good look inside. Hopefully I can get away with some for Christmas pressies? Cheeky?! 
Z did like the two little Christmas figures that were in the bag though. He smiled and held them whilst watching what ever he was watching! 
 Tonight, when Z is asleep I’ve cleaned ready for portage in the morning and had a shower I can have a little look. 
 So again thanks Kerry for organising it and this time I’m actually looking forward to the next one! 

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