Yesterday Z came out of school with a certificate! Yes his very first one. 
I took it, and thanked the teacher. I assumed that the children get them quite often. Speaking to another parent I found the answer was no, and that when they get them they are quite deserving. 
So I was very pleased with how well he’s actually settled.
His reports every day have been really positive, he likes to play outside, jumping in puddles, and running around. 
He can’t wait to get in, and always comes out with a smile, well other than last Friday when he was sleeping! 
I’m glad I choose to put him here now and not mainstream. There is no way he would be allowed to do what he’s doing now, jumping in puddles as part of work?! 
They say he don’t stop babbling away, yea, he’s like my very own minion. 
On Monday we had a little visior, when she came in and said Z’s name he was chatting away to himself, then when she said hello, we both looked at one another as we’re sure he said hello back. He then continued to sit her down, try to take her coat of and made her tickle his neck! 
Last night going to bed I always put him in bed, chuck his blankets over his head, and then find him to give a kiss and say night night, it’s become a little game! Last night I’m sure he actually replied nigh nigh! 
I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store in the way of progress! 

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