Today you head into what would be year one.

I see pictures of excited children walking into school with their friends and for a brief second the ‘you are different’ moment hits.

It’s not for long, you go back to a place you love, you have your friends in your own little way, they are the same as you, some may same different but you all fit in. You are all exactly who you are meant to be.

Each year gets easier, I don’t see others walking to school and think that should be us any more, this is our journey and I’m fine with it.

You may never walk into school chatting to friends, excited over your new teacher, glad to be back. Yes you got all excited leaving this morning so I’m guessing that yes, you are glad to be back. When everyone else gets the back to school picture yours is always blurry, always from excitement! You have to put your bag on your bag and carry your lunch tin. This year they are both Timmy time, maybe a little confusing as Timmy time is bed time! But you love Timmy time right now plus mouk is kinda non existent and very expensive!

It didn’t help that our normal morning routine was a little different, a new lsa took you off the bus and for the first time you looked back. You got off, but you came back not once but twice. Now I’m sure you’re fine, but you’ve not left my side most of the holidays, so today is again new. New lsa new teacher and a new class, a lot of news after six weeks of us.

I’m lucky I get to take you to school and pick you up everyday. I get to see how you’ve done in school. Today will be no different and I’ll be there to get you at 3pm, hopefully you’ll come out smiling and you would have had a good day and tomorrow we start again!

Last year I was saying good luck teachers as you’d been a nightmare but this year to be fair you’ve been pretty good, I have a lot of cleaning to do but you’ve been good!

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