Tomorrow you start ‘official’ school.
Yes I know you’ve been there full time for a year but you’re one of the lucky ones, most children in nursery have been part time.
You start reception.
When did my tiny under 5lb baby get so big?
Reception class.
I can read many posts of other parents tears about their children starting school.
I’m really sorry but I don’t have tears.
I can’t wait for school.
I can’t wait to wave you off with a smile on my face!
I can’t wait to get home and have a coffee in peace.
Am I a bad parent?
I don’t think so.
As much as I love you I really do. You need school, you need routine, you need to see your teachers.
You really have struggled these holidays. You’ve missed school, you’ve missed the teachers, don’t forget for the last year they’ve had you longer in the day than I have. They know you, in someways maybe even better than I do.
No I’m not jealous, ok maybe they get you all day but they also get sleep! I think this year you’ve also missed your little friends, I’ve never seen you play before but to see you play with G was great. You really were playing, you knew who one another were you are friends.
Maybe the first day nerves are not there as I know who’s looking after you, I know you’ll be fine, safe and well looked after. You’ll be happy to run back in. I know your usual person won’t be taking you off the bus, I’m guessing the excitement of tomorrow that’s not really going to bother you. How you’ll react going into a new class with some missing I have no idea. But as bad as it sounds that’s the new teachers problem! I’ve had a confused wild child for six weeks, I’m sure tomorrow you’ll be fine you’ll take it all in and be smiling coming back to the bus when I collect you.
Reception class, where you should be learning to write, you should already be writing your name, you should be learning to write numbers. You should be learning things like tying shoelaces, as you should already be able to put on your clothes do your jacket up etc, but you are learning in different ways. Since you’ve been more vocal these last six weeks I know you know your colours, shapes, animals, and I know you can read, only yesterday you read chicken McNuggets off a box! So just because there’s things you can’t do that you should be doing I’m sure if I actually put you in a mainstream reception class you’d wow them with what you can do and not what you can’t.
Think the nerves are more with me, new children on the bus, new parents to meet. That’s always scary!
I know it’s only 10.30am, you’ve been up most of the night, I’m pretty sure a lot of that time school was said, maybe trying on your new uniform got you excited? Maybe you thought you were going today. So I really think that after I’ve had a quick tidy up I’m going to get your bag packed, uniform ironed, and we’ll be ready to go!
So again, I’m sorry for not shredding a tear, I’m sorry for counting down the next 24 hours with a huge smile on my tired face!
Here’s to the next chapter of our never ending story.
Go get reception Z!

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