September is already here. 
The start of the new school year, the start of another school term for me, new children normally new schools. I’ve kept the same school, still have the new children. 
This year I’m lucky Z can come with me, so he’ll have his time at Creche earlier,  a new start, a new routine. I’m hoping this routine will catch on quite quickly. Bed at a reasonable hour and the 3am wake ups can stop! 
Yesterday Z had his assessment for his teeth, they are coming out a week Friday. I’m not even going to think of that till next week, I’ll get this week over with first. 
This month I’m starting an autism early bird course, I’m looking forward to it. Should learn loads. So this is my last Wednesday of just sitting enjoying a coffee whilst writing this until maybe the Christmas holidays! 
Then it’s back to normal, well what ever normal is in this house!! 
I know the next few weeks are going to fly as we’re back to being out of doing something every day, between portage, the course and taking Z to where we normally go in the week. The beginning of October will see his joint party arrive. Now this I’m actually really excited about. Not the fact that he’s turning 3, but his party! A nice big bouncy castle, food all done and a photographer. Him and E will love it! We’ve gone joint with E this year, he likes E, he gets on well with her and there’s only 3 weeks between their birthdays, what’s 3 weeks between friends? Ok there’s also a year difference but again what’s a year between friends?! 
But for now it’s getting Z into a routine, for what could be the last term before school!!

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