So far so good, it’s day one of the next six weeks off. S portage came today like a normal Monday morning, I was a little worried after last nights screaming, but he was good, well I think he was good! He’s been worse… Plus speech and language was here too and he’s not seen her in awhile. Think he maybe picking up the flash cards, he’ll look at them do seem to know what ones are. He started coming on well with those a few weeks back and then stopped, but these last few weeks he’s gone back to lining things up so its like a full circle. 
 We went to try and get his feet measured that wasn’t successful as between Z falling asleep in the car and the one shop not measuring  feet it was easier to being him home! 
 No nap today hopefully will mean a tidy time to go to sleep tonight. We can only hope to that one. 
 His new thing to me anyway is trying to bite, not so much a full bite as if he can feel with his teeth, so he’ll apply that little bit of pressure as if he’s waiting on a reaction and then do it to himself! 
 Tomorrow we’ll be sticking to the indoor play centre so the normal routine of a Tuesday. I’ve not got as far as Wednesday yet! I’m hoping that keeping some sort of routine he’ll be ok. Only time will tell! 

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