Summer holidays have began. Z was good and didn’t give me a 3am wake up, and got up at a reasonable 6.45 that I can deal with. It’s nearly 7 so all is good! 
This morning has been spent lining trains and cars up, watching you tube, and lining the peppa pig figures up. 
I’m heading to the docs later, see if I can be sent for an allergy test to see what I’m actually allergic to. The hubby is only working half day today and tomorrow having two weeks off. Yea, from work, he’ll be putting a shed together at some point! 
Think Z and myself will head off out with J and E not sure where yet, but we’ll find somewhere fun. Shame the sun isn’t shining as we could have happily have sat in the garden with the pool out. Never mind plenty of days left! 
The rest of the morning before heading to docs will be spent tidying away the random mess put toys away, whilst Z plays in the garden!

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