Z have been sick since last Saturday, he’s not been very far. Obviously he couldn’t go to Creche with a stomach bug. 
 Yesterday I went out with the girls for a few drinks. In all fairness as we were out so early we didn’t seem drunk. Think I’m worse after spending a few hours drinking vodka at J’s on a Friday. Maybe we’ll stick to that, less stress on what to wear, and way cheaper! 
So, today, as it was a nice day, 48 hours have passed without any nasty bug surprises, so we could take Z out. I didn’t want to meet the girls, didn’t want to take the chance of catching anything. Off we go to the park, G and Z with the pooches and his bike. How we got everything in the car I still do not know! 
 Was Z’s first time out on his bike, he had it for his birthday and has been sick since. 
The pooches weren’t attached to him, and yes maybe he should be wearing a helmet, but I can’t get him to keep a sun hat on, or a beanie the helmet near his head was cause for a full on screaming match in the shop. So I’ll fight that battle when I really need to. He’s a visual kid, so when he sees other people wearing a helmet I’m hoping he’ll associate it with a bike and put one on. Then again he may never be able to ride a bike. 

Not sure who was more intrested with the tree, child or pooches!

Just being free to run, feeling the wind between his fingers, and a safe space to do be able to do so and Z is just happy. We looked at the ducks and if I didn’t have his hand I’m sure he would have been in that lake! The foot was trying to go over. He also didn’t like the ducks sitting on the edge, we had to walk and frighten them back in the water. Z let out a little clap when the were safely back swimming. As if to say, oi ducks you swim you don’t sit outside the water!!
Z loves to see people on bikes. If we’re driving he’ll always notice if there’s a bike and will watch until he can’t see any more. If he sees me standing by my bike I have to sit and peddle, he get so excited and claps, jumps and screeches. Today we took him to bike park Wales for a spot of bike spotting. We have train spotters and plane spotters but Z will be a bike spotter! Driving in he noticed the bikes, if he wasn’t strapped in and he could have stood to see he would have, excited and a huge grin on his face. 
 Walks towards the bus pick up. Bikes come down the first path, he watched them coming towards us and passed us, he had to watch until he couldn’t see them anymore! Was like a kid at Christmas! We get to the top and stand on a rock, they’ll come at us from any way. Within a few seconds a big group came . I’m glad both G and I had him or he would have taken off! Between jumping and flapping and screeching! He couldn’t take his eyes off them all. On our way back to the car it was diner time, one guy had stopped for lunch, we went to walk around them and Z was trying to push his leg back on the bike! Maybe when he’s older he’ll be some sort of personal trainer as he don’t like you stopping what ever your doing! 
All in all I think he’s had a lovely day out after being stuck in all week. Maybe bike spotting will be something that may happen more often!

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