I wasn’t sure how this was going to go! No it wasn’t my lesson but Z’s. We’ve gotten him a three piece set for Christmas, let him have a go last week as I had set it up and he loved it. He knew how to hold the sticks and used both hands in a simple beat. All week we’ve had dum, dum, with him going into sensory room, that’s where we hid them under a great big box first, but he found them, to back and fore up stairs as if to say, look mam I know they are here somewhere! 
Last week I searched lots of local drum tutors , most start at 8 years of age. So I knew I was going to struggle finding someone who would take on an autistic three year old child, non verbal  who don’t follow instructions! After speaking to one guy and sending him a little video he said he would take Z on and he could go for 15 minutes, watch and play if he wanted. Fab! 
That was today. I think Z really enjoyed. It was a strange place, with sounds echoing, a full drum kit, not the three piece he’s used to! But I’m proud of him. From just getting him into the place, he tried, he had ago, and that’s all I wanted. I wanted him to be able to go to a place once a week to have a go, watch and maybe copy. I don’t expect miracles and to go to one lesson and come out the next Dave Grohl! The instructor was good with him, he let him look around, he let him play with sticks, he also let him try out a guitar! At one point he had him playing the guitar, me hitting the drum, and himself jumping and flapping in excitement! I will continue to take him as long as the guy is willing to let him go and as long as Z wants to go! Today he let him stay for longer than 15 minutes and I can’t wait to take him back next week when he knows that’s where he’s going! 

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