So we’ve been back at school a week, it flew. First week of 2019 over and Z comes home with a reading book.

He’s been reading his books the Ten Little series and loves them for Christmas he had Ten Little Elves. He kept telling me Ten Little dinosaurs and Ten Little Monsters.

I managed to find Ten Little Dinosaurs but not the monsters. He read the Dinosaurs straight away. He was taking them to school. I asked his teacher if she would try and help him read them out loud too, she said yea he read them. Of course these books are battered well loved well red books, even though two of them are a week and two weeks old so in theory he could have Just memorised the words. So I bought Ten Little Monsters and didn’t open it, placed it in the bag in the brown package it was delivered in and let him open in school. His teacher said he was so excited and read it with her straight away. I’m now excited to see that the world book day book is a new one Ten Little Bookworms!

Next way forward was to see if he will read a ‘homework’ book.

Here it is!

We attempted it before bed on Friday night.

I think he done pretty well.

The progress in him this passed few weeks have been brilliant. We can’t have a conversation with him but he’s saying words, he’s really trying.

Just yesterday his teacher told me he was doing his work and stopped, said ‘I love you, so feeling a little emotional she replied ‘Aww I love you too’, but looking at her confused up he got and walked to the table, looked at the Pringles, and said ‘I love you pringles!’

I’m really lucky all his teachers have pushed him that little further. Maybe just maybe we’d be lucky enough to keep this one for another year just so she can push him that little more. Yes I know it’s only January! But July will be here before we know it. Maybe by then he’ll be telling his teacher he loves her as well as Pringles, as from the way he looks at her I’m sure he does really. He always comes home smelling of perfume so I’m pretty sure he spends his day doing work on her lap!

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