The first half term is over. It’s been q quick week. Think today is our only lazy day. Where at 1 were both in our pjs, clean pjs as Z was sick over his to start and mine, then he tipped water over my clean pjs! 
We’ve had a crazy morning with his iPad not working, me being on the phone to Apple, and still not being able to do anything. Z finally fixed it and I have no idea how!
So this week we’ve had a busy week. We stared off in Garwnant on Sunday. Monday we went down to Barry, spent the evening on the beach, was nice was good to spend with new friends. 
Tuesday was our normal indoor soft play session, as it was a nice day spur of the moment we went back to Garwnant with J and E. 
As Wednesday was injection day we didn’t do much, went for feet measured, new shoes and of course a ride on the peppa pig car. 
Thursday, we go back to soft play! Yea they kids love it, they serve coffee and the staff are fab too, so may as well go there. Take nan shopping, home for diner and off to the park. Home for tea, oh and weigh in, then down to another soft play for the monthly NAS session. Z loves it’s down there too! 
So here we are Friday. Not done anything, other than clean up sick, spend and hour on the phone to Apple support, put a wash in, attempt to make a paper mache dragon for Z’s homework and that covers it! I will strip the beds and get clean bedding on them before the end of the day!  
As there was so many photos from this week I’ve added them to one. Much easier 

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