On Friday Z had his first look around school. I was a bit worried with him going being on antibiotics for tonsillitis, checked with doctor he didn’t say he couldn’t go just that he wouldn’t feel like it. So I took him it was only a visit if he isn’t like it he wasn’t staying anyway.
We arrived and they had assembly, Z was trying to get out of the pram, he wanted to get in there and clap with the kids! Next up see his class, meet the children and teachers. He couldn’t wait to get out of his pram, so they said let him. He recognised a little boy from kids fit, and knew who it was. So I’m a little happier now, he may even have a little friend! Poor teachers. Yup teachers as there were about 5 adults in the class with 8 or so children. I know I’ve made the right choice. It was lovely to see the children doing what they wanted to do. I had a look at the pool and sensory room, all looked fab.
Filled all forms in, signed my name on them all so it’s all official Z starts school on 4th January 2016 at 12.45.
Went back to get him, and the teachers said he was great, he joined in and cried when it was time to leave, and I mean screamed getting him in the pram!
Yup, my little guy is now my big guy. Time to go look for uniform.
To think this time 3 years ago he was just a little Santa Claus

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