Today starts the beginning of the Easter holidays, it’s funny as G gets two weeks off,  I get one and Z gets three. My schools are still in, my dad is doing them in the mornings I’ll do them in the afternoons. My dad is the best! 

So today’s plan was when Z would wake at 7, was coffee, maybe more coffee, breakfast and clean. Strip beds, sort all Z’s clothes away clear my landing ( it’s a tripping hazard now 😳) and put all clean clothes away. Not dumped in a basket in Z’s room! Sweep, Hoover and mop upstairs. This was to be done in time for me to shower and be at work for 3. Plans don’t always go as plan, it’s 9.30 and Z is still asleep! I’m only on my first coffee of the day, but the first load of washing is in.  As there are no playgroups I didn’t feel bad for not taking Z any place.  J is off tomorrow so we’ll head to the indoor play centre like normal. 

I know when Z wakes, I’m sure he’s stirring, it’ll be another hour before I start. Then it’ll be the whole it’s too late, when we eventually go upstairs to sort out toys I won’t be able to put them away as he’ll decide to play with them then! This could be a very long day! On the brighter side the sun is shining. 

Yes, Z is awake, not bad as he went down at 8.30 last night. So will 10 be to late to start my chores for today. I always put these things off as I’d rather spend the time taking Z to playgroups , I’m sure when he’s older and my house is nice and tidy, ( yea, right my house will never be tidy!) will he remember the mess it or the places we went?  Hope the places we went and the friends we met. 

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