Last night was my first parents evening. I’m so proud of how Z has come on with the few months he’s been at part time school. His teachers spoke very highly of him, said he’s a lovely little boy, who’s really come on in school. I got to look at his school book and what he’s working on.
I’m a little sad that his teacher leaves him in September, it’s not like mainstream school when the teachers stay in the same class, and the children move, some children move, some stay, some teachers move, some lsa moves. 
I’ve been told that he will have met the lsa and teacher as they work all alongside one other so that’s good. 
This time last year I was worried about what school he would even go to and if he would be at school! I’m glad he went and got in. It’s been good for him, he loves it. 
Also I got his school report, there’s lots of positives there, on what he’s worked well to achieve. 
My favourite sentence is,  ‘Z is our little explorer who loves learning outdoors.’ Followed by, ‘Z is a wonderful addition to our school; he is always full of life and has a beautiful smile.’  
I know he is a little explorer he comes home most days covered in mud! 
He’s happy going into school, he loves school and that’s all that matters! 

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