Think most people have been to Folly Farm, if you havnt you need to go! 
Z had an inset day on Friday, so as the husband was working, J and E came with us. 
It was great, was really quiet, not that I’ve ever seen it really busy. Both had a good thirty minutes or so on the play equipment before we went animal spotting. 

Being empty meant they near enough had it to themselves the entire time. 
We went to see the animals, last time Z wasn’t bothered, he just wanted to play in the puddles, this time he tried climbing to get in with the birds, and penguins! He took notice of most animals and laughed at the meerkats annoying the porcupine! 

Most of this time he was on my back, the beco toddler carrier is great, he’s safe can still look if he wants to or can put his head down and hide if he needs too. When he wants down its simple to put him down too. 

The Penguins didn’t want to be in the water, as J said it was too cold! Z tried climbing the fence to get in with them! 
By this point J and I needed coffee! We stopped by the soft play, the little soft play was ok at first, till he spotted the bigger one, then he spotted the wooden one. I was a bit nervous of putting him on that one as it is huge, and can be easily lost, but because it was quiet there wasn’t a problem! 

Yup it’s high! 
We went back to the car grabbed our dinner and sat and ate it, Z played back on the play equipment and J and E froze! 
Next up was the barn, we did try and get on the train but just missed it. Last time we were here the only animal Z touched or showed any notice of was the goat, again not sure if it was the same goat, but it was the only one who came to greet Z! 

He took notice of the rabbits and horse, even tried milking the cow! ( maybe that’s just ‘coz it’s water?!) He even touched a lamb! 

Next up fair! In all fairness both Z and E were really good, we went on the Waltzers with them as they are a bit too small for that on their own, but the cars and the train they went alone and he actually sat there smiling, until the second time when he fell asleep! 
Again back in the carrier and E wanted to play at the ‘beach’. 

Was a quick thirty minute snooze, a wake up and on to see the giraffe, a stop at the Penguins to see if they were swimming, but they wernt. The giraffes were in their home, and it really makes you take in how tall these guys are! When they are in the field, yes, they look tall but close up, eeek! 

For the last half hour we let them play back on the wooden adventure, burn off the last little bit of energy they had before heading home, a quick look in the shop, a flashing ball later we were in the car, heading to find a McDonald’s! 
Can’t wait to go back! 

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