Started off today going to the Vaynor show, we payed and stayed an hour, Z wasn’t happy, he was tired and grumpy. Screamed, most of the time there! Had a look at the animals, grabbed a coffee, got chased by a wasp and left! 
 Got home and Z was asleep. Slept till around 2. J and E came to play, the pool was filled the sun was shining and J and I sat in the sun!  
X marks the spot ! Not for hidden treasures but for making memory’s! 
Just relaxing waiting on E to come and play! 
Eventually they got in the pool and loved it. In and out, down the slide, E at one point, looked at Z and in her own words said ‘Z, true love’. Ok she may have watched too much frozen, but how sweet is that! ❤️ 
Then, Z who kinda just goes with the flow, of E give Z a kiss, after E fell on the floor, and let out a cry, he went over to her and kissed her head. I didn’t know if Z was even capable of anything like that. Emotions or connecting sad to crying, or crying to kissing and being better. But was such a proud, oh my god moment. He did that! He went and gave her a kiss because she was crying. Then he picked up her hat and put it back on her head. There’s proof that he’s getting better with people, shows his awareness is growing. 
 Now to get him to eat his fish fingers for tea, instead of the Haribo he’s seen. Not that I think that’s going to happen after they’ve been there for 20 minutes, and everything else is way more appealing, even the stickers that’s on his easel. Really, they get stuck most Monday’s after portage and now your noticing them! 
At least he’s learnt to make two lines instead of loosing his temper trying to get them all in one line! I love finding lines of ducks around the place! 

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