We’re already on Friday, how did that happen? 
I’ve been keeping busy, Monday helped my dad out, Tuesday I had visitors, Wednesday I took my nan shopping. Thursday I went straight for bloods and shopping, it was when I got home and sat down I realised I missed my little guy. So I had diner took the pooch for a walk at the local park and met J, we walked the lake together. 

Today I’ve come home, I’m waiting on my washing to stop, I’ve had my breakfast and I’m bored! Yes, I have loads to do, I could go upstairs and make a start. Think that’s what I’ll end up doing, but I’m missing Z. The little babbling and  the giggles. I miss looking at the window and he’s not there! I’m just left with two missing squares from a line of Lego that he took to school. 
I know who he’ll come home from school it will be cuddle time, just like last night! 

So for now I’ll attempt a tidy up, I still have to take it easy with my stomach not healed, roll on when it is ! 

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