As I’ve mentioned a few times, before I took to my blog I used to write everything down. I’ve not written in my red Z book for a while, a good three to four months. So today I thought I’d write. Before I write I always look at what I’ve written, today, I’m going to share parts of what I’ve wrote, going from 2012, 2013 and 2014! 
The pram got delivered yesterday, the colour is lush, I’m really pleased with it. We had the results back of you having cystic fibrosis, midwife said its a very low and the result is a good one. Get my next scan in two weeks. I can, well I think I can feel when your moving now. Next week the walls are being stripped in what will be your room! 
You are into everything now, your crazy fast in that walker. You eat everything and have 8 teeth. This time last year I found out you were a boy. You don’t crawl forwards but you go backwards. The temper on you is shocking!for an whole hour you have cried because there was water in the cup you normally have juice in. This past week you’ve been a nightmare waking up all night! I keep saying I’m trading you in for a kitten and I hate cats! 
You got weighed Wednesday your 29lbs. The doc sent you for an X-ray on chest, and you were pretty good. The health visitor wants to do your two year check next month, I’m glad someone has taken my concerns seriously. It’s mad that two years ago you were squirming inside of me, I worried then all the time and im still worried now! 
I’ve not written anything yet, the last few months it’s as I’ve said I’ve put here. I’m sure ill write something. But re reading posts, not just on this day or there abouts, this happened. I’ve also seen things that Z was doing, and stopped. When did he stop? I didn’t write those things down, as until I read them I didn’t realise he had stopped. There’s certain things I’ve read that looking back why didn’t I pick up on things sooner, the repetitive behaviour? I know I said it to family and friends. I can’t say if people took me seriously sooner I’d be any different as I don’t think I would be. I’m just glad that all along the gut feelings were true. 
 I’d never change Z, he wouldn’t be Z without the daft things he does. He continues to improve and that as his mother I’m proud of. Yes, he was doing things and they have completely stopped, like eating everything. Maybe I’m saying its when he went ill, maybe at that point his awareness of certain things grew and his learning pattern changed. I don’t know and I’m guessing I never will. But I’ll continue to keep writing just to see if I can actually piece bits together! I observe him daily, the thoughtprocess is starting, he’s starting to piece together if i want a then I need to do b, kind of thing. 
 We’ll get there! If it takes lights to go to sleep and drinks to get out the car I’ll keep going until I no longer need too!  

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