Bank holiday Monday, yes another one, te only difference to this one is it falls in half term so we get the week off too.
Started the morning off after breakfast by bathing the pooches, yup, two dogs bathed and dried by 10.00, including all new bedding and bed area mopped.
G took Z to his mams so I could mop the living room. So I spent the morning cleaning, washing, pegging clothes out and mopping. Why is it when I take Z out G gets to sit in a nice clean environment and relax, when G takes Z out I get to clean?!
I was meeting J and E and H for some lunch. A nice local pub lunch. So if I was going out for food I was walking. The walk up took around 40 minutes, I stopped at the shop, and stopped every time someone txt me. Can’t push uphill and use my phone! Cornedbeef pie and chips with salad was well worth the walk.  Was lush! Z ate his fish shapes, and then went to sleep! Time to walk back home, went a different way home and took around 20 minutes, plus it was all down hill!
J and E came down to play at my local park, safe to say J won’t be coming back! It’s not that bad it’s just rubbish!!
Our plan was to play ball on the football pitch, Z had other ideas when he saw the swing, and went running down the bank.
As I said, our park is rubbish, so we had to make the best out of a rubbish park, E wanted to play on the swing too, yes there’s only one!
image image
They stayed like this for ages! Both were content, not sure if this would work with anyone or just E.

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