Four years ago when I first started my blog, I can look back and see how far we’ve come.

One of my first posts was about what school we were putting Z in. That was was a headache in itself. Of course we choose sen school and know we made the right decision, I’ve never once questioned if we made the wrong choice. 

I remember at the time panicking how we were going to cope without portage, that person at the end of the phone saying it’s going to be ok, or try this.  But somehow you just do, you just cope. You have to. You have to look at what you’ve tried, what you can try next and wing it. If it doesn’t work then you can say well at least I’ve tried. 

The first year he was part time I was worried about his new teacher, but I loved her. Looking back maybe I was more worried about myself and the new set of parents I’d have to get to know. Luckily we’re still the same set of parents so it’s all good. Every year the worries over what teacher next. I know this starts early for the parents not only me, to see your child progress so much in the first six months you don’t want change, you want to keep this teacher until he’s confident enough without her. I know that’s not going to happen, I know we’ll loose this one and I’ll be the parent who the next teacher rolls their eyes at when I say he can do this, push him. Maybe the next teacher won’t listen to me, but I’m praying they will! It’s not always plain sailing at the beginning of the new year, mixed signals always happen, but I’m Lucky they get resolved pretty quickly. I’d like to think it’s a sign of a good school and not me being a scary Mam! 

When I first started this blog, my then two year old didn’t have a single word, ok he doesn’t have a conversation with you, but his vocabulary would have to be 150 plus words. At two he didn’t engage with many people, portage was an exception. He was in a very busy crèche setting, which looking back now he must really have struggled with, but he went, somedays he cried but he coped. He didn’t follow any basic commands, now we’re getting bits of that. Ok the sleep as never changed and his lack of awareness over danger is still the same. He has no road sense, the word ‘wait’ to cross can start meltdown of epic proportions so it’s easier to drive! I still have my fun loving water baby, just now he knows he can turn the taps on for instant water play! 

We were also in nappies, for now we’re out of them. Which is something I didn’t think I’d see for a very long time. 

Four years we’ve come along way, I know we’re nowhere near where we should be, but who’s to say where we should be anyways? 

We’re in a place that I didn’t expect to be in, back then you can’t look towards the future and see progress, you just see what he can’t do. He can’t point, he can’t keep eye contact, he can’t use the toilet and he can’t speak. Yet if I’d taken the time too look at what he could do there were lots of cans. It’s still the same now, he may not be able to do a, b and c buy he can do x, y and Z. 


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