Four years ago today Z had that ‘big’ appointment where we came out with a diagnosis of severe autism.

One year ago we set Z his hot tub up.

Today Z Still has his diagnosis he’ll always have his diagnosis and the way he is in the hot tub I think that’s here to stay too!

We’ve come a long way in four years, if I think back to the non engaging little boy who wouldn’t request anything and would just get what he wanted to now where he tries to communicate what he wants. He doesn’t always get it correct, yesterday at soft play he wanted to go, he was tired, he opened the fire door twice. I wanted to take him but didn’t want to encourage this way of communication, eventually he said ‘car’ I told him five more minutes, I also don’t want to go as soon as he says. Not sure if that’s correct or not. Five more minutes and we put shoes on and left. ( he was fine) four years ago he would have screamed he would have been in a right mess.

Z now uses the toilet, something four years ago I never thought possible.

Z now engages with lots more people, he now has a great bond with his Grampa four years ago he couldn’t have cared less if Grampa was there or not now he interacts with him laughs and plays with him not only Nan.

Of course he has E, she’s been there and the only child he’s ever really engaged with to see the little bond there grow is amazing, E looks out for him like a best friend does and most of the time he gets on well with her she’s still little so doesn’t understand why Z hits her.

I’m not sure how he is in school but most recently there was a photo of him hugging another little boy. Something four years ago he wouldn’t have done.

As for the bond him and his teacher has she can get him to do way more than anyone else!

There’s so many little things that make huge things. People are always quick to look at the what he can’t do, why not focus on the things he can now do. Yes I get that there are loads of things he can’t do, I’d put him a lot mentally at around 3-4 on certain things so there’s lots of things a 3-4 year old can’t do anyways regardless of autism.

In four years Z has formed bonds, he’s learnt to use the toilet, he’s learnt to request, he’s learnt to read aloud, he’s learnt to start using his words, he’s learnt to give kisses, he’s learnt copying strategies, he’s learnt to sit at a theatre showing and at the cinema, he’s learnt to try new places with me and with respite, he’s learnt to dress himself and undress, he’s learnt what he wants and how to get it.

In four years he’s taught me never give up, that I can’t take my eyes off him for one second, that he’s an adorable, amazing one man wrecking machine and that we still have a long way to go and lots to learn. I’m hoping he’s going to teach me patience in the next four years.

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